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White Waves Records is an independent digital record label founded in 2012 which has as its objective the diffusion of electronic music. White Waves Records distributes the productions of its artists on a global scale primarily through digital stores such as iTunes, Beatport, Juno Records, Amazon. The mission of White Waves Records is to promote the creative ideas of new artists and chase projects in electronic music through digital releases, events and merchandise.The White Waves Records staff possesses a wide range of competences, our skills include software and sound engineering, post-production, graphic design, management of events and a strong music knowledge. More or less all of us are dj or musicians and digital artists. This makes us a dynamic team with a solid base of all the aspects of digital contents development.

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Alberto Zuccato

Degree in Computer Science at the University of Padua, works in the field of concurrent and distributed systems. Develops in a multitude of programming languages. He is enthusiast about new technologies and a fan of fiction science movies. Plays and mixes music for at least ten years, first with the piano, then into the punk scene as a drummer, moving more generally to the electronic music as a producer. Alberto is responsible for musical production, remixes and web development.

Francesco Lazzarotto

Bachelor’s degree in recording arts at SAE Milan, Middlesex of London, mixes using Logic and develop with MaxMSP. Passionate electronic music, since he was a child he took the first steps on an old keyboard, then discovering a passion for the console and for house records, up to merge the two things in music production. He’s also a passionate of synthesis, mastering, acoustic and vintage audio outboard. Francesco is responsible for musical production, audio finalisation and publishing.